Typing tips

  • There are several tips for typing with StoneKey:
    1. To add a period at the end of a sentence quickly, either double-tap the spacebar or just tap it with two fingers at once. This feature is enabled by default, but it can be turned off in the Text Input submenu.
    2. To delete the previous character, tap the Backspace key. Holding the key triggers the successive deletion of the characters before the cursor. You can control the deletion speed with the Delete repeat rate slider from the Text Input submenu.
    3. To hide the keyboard, swipe down, or simply tap the Hide key, in case you are using an iPad.
    4. To activate Caps Lock, tap the Shift key twice. Note, that Caps Lock can be optionally disabled in the Appearance submenu.
    5. To insert multiple spaces quickly, tap the spacebar with several fingers simultaneously.
    6. Sliding over the spacebar area left and right makes the cursor move appropriately. The cursor moving speed can be adjusted with the corresponding slider from the Text Input submenu.
    7. To enter a symbol's alternative, press and hold the corresponding key until a popup with alternatives appears. Then slide your finger to the desired symbol and release. You can control the delay of the popup appearance with the Long tap duration slider from the Text Input submenu. Also, it is possible to disable the feature with the Show alternative symbols switch from the same submenu.
    8. If you use several input languages, there are two ways to change the current input language during typing. The first way is to tap the Globe key several times until the desired input language is activated. Tapping the key while the current language is the last in the active list results in switching to the next installed keyboard.
      Alternatively, press and hold the Globe key until the popup with the list of activated languages appears, then slide your finger to the label with the code of the desired language (such as EN for English) and release. The popup also contains the ellipsis symbol (): selecting this performs a switch to the next installed keyboard.
      You can read more about input languages settings in the Languages section of the Settings help topic.
    9. Depending on the type of active text field, the StoneKey keyboard may adapt its layout. For example, when you enter an email address, a few specific symbols, including @, become directly accessible from the basic keyboard layout.
      Note that a key's behavior may change as well. For example, when you enter a web address, you can quickly access some top-level domain suffixes by pressing and holding the period key.
    10. Tapping the 123 (or .?123 for iPads) key activates the keyboard with numbers and punctuation symbols. More symbols can be accessed by subsequent tapping the #+= key. To get back to entering letters, tap the ABC key.
      Also, if you need, for example, to enter a digit while you are entering some words, you can press the 123 key and slide the finger to the desired digit key. Once the selected key is released, the keyboard will switch back and you can continue entering letters.
      Similarly, if you want to quickly enter a punctuation symbol from the #+= keyboard plane, press the 123 key, slide to the #+= key, then to the desired symbol key, and release.