• To access keyboard settings, open the StoneKey app, located in the main menu of your device. The app contains a few submenus, that control various aspects of the keyboard's behavior.
  • Appearance
    • Color scheme
      Used for changing the color scheme of the keyboard.
    • Enable Caps Lock
      Enabled by default. When the Caps Lock is disabled, you'll have to tap Shift for every capital letter you enter.
    • Alternative symbol popup animation
      When disabled, the alternative symbol popup animation gets suppressed, and the popup appears immediately after the long press.
    • Enable symbol popups
      If enabled, pressing a symbol key results in showing a short popup animation.
  • Languages
    This submenu controls the list of active input languages (active list). Currently, StoneKey keyboard supports the following input languages (followed by the corresponding language codes):
    • Arabic (AR)
    • English (EN)
    • French (FR)
    • German (DE)
    • Italian (IT)
    • Korean (KR)
    • Portuguese (PT)
    • Russian (RU)
    • Spanish (SP)
    • Ukrainian (UA)
    To add an input language to the active list, tap Add language and select the desired language from the list. To remove a language from the active list, enter the Edit mode and remove the language's row using the standard approach. Also, while in the Edit mode, you can change the order of the languages by dragging the reordering controls of the appropriate rows.
  • Text Input
    • Autocapitalization
      If enabled, the Shift key gets automatically activated at the beginning of the sentences, so that you don't need to tap Shift to capitalize the first word. If you don't want to capitalize the first word in a particular situation, just tap Shift to deactivate it.
    • Insert "." on double space
      Two spaces entered after a word turn into a period, followed by one space.
    • Show alternative symbols
      If enabled, pressing and holding a symbol key brings up a popup with the symbol's alternatives.
    • Long tap duration
      Controls how fast the alternative symbol popup appears after a key has been pressed.
    • Delete repeat rate
      Controls the speed of character deletion while the Backspace key is being held.
    • Cursor moving speed
      Controls how fast the cursor is moving when you are sliding over the spacebar area.
  • Sound
    To enable click sounds, tap the corresponding switch in the keyboard settings. Also, you'll need to check if the sound is not muted, and ensure, that the Keyboard Clicks switch, located in the Sounds submenu of the iOS System Settings, is enabled.
    Note: Playing click sounds requires allowing Full Access.