Allowing Full Access

  • After the keyboard has been activated, you can optionally grant it so-called Full Access. To accomplish that, open the system Settings app, select General > Keyboard > Keyboards > StoneKey — StoneKey, and activate the switch Allow Full Access. That will make a privacy-related warning message appear. To confirm enabling Full Access, select Allow. If you decide to disable Full Access later, you will have to deactivate the same switch.
  • Does allowing Full Access affect the functionality of the keyboard?
    The StoneKey keyboard was designed with intention to be fully functional even when Full Access is not enabled. However, there are a few minor features, which require it:
    • Playing click sounds. In general, because of the limitations of the iOS system itself, a custom keyboard with disabled Full Access cannot play sound reliably.
    • (This one is relevant only if you use more than one input language.) If you switch to another input language and dismissed the keyboard (for example, by tapping the Hide key), you may expect, that when you activate it again, it will show the same input language layout as it was before. However, if you haven't allowed Full Access, there is no way to save the keyboard's state for later restoring; hence, the keyboard will switch to the first input language from the list of the activated ones. You can read more about input languages settings in the Languages section of the Settings help topic.
  • On the question of privacy
    In general, custom keyboards with enabled Full Access may use some additional (and potentially malicious) capabilities, such as saving the keystrokes or sending some data over the network. As mentioned previously, the StoneKey keyboard doesn't need those capabilities to function properly — with a small exception. In case you opt to enable Full Access to use the full set of features, note that our app does not collect, send or use the data you type in another way.
    You can find more about our privacy policy on the dedicated page.