Known issues

  • Sometimes the standard keyboard appears instead of the StoneKey keyboard
    This issue may arise for any custom keyboard in a few situations — for example, when you return to an app after unlocking the screen with your passcode, or have switched to another app. If that has happened, just switch back to the StoneKey keyboard in the usual way.
  • Tapping the Backspace key sometimes doesn't result in deleting characters before the cursor
    To resolve the issue, tap on the text field once again. Note, that the problem persists because of a currently unresolved bug in the iOS system.
  • The limitations and issues of custom keyboards
    There are some limitations for custom keyboards (and the StoneKey keyboard in particular) in comparison with the standard one:
    1. When the user enters some sensitive data, such as a PIN code or phone number, the system performs a switch to the standard keyboard.
    2. By design, custom keyboards have no access to the device microphone, so dictation input is not possible.
    3. As long as any keyboard works within a certain app, the device resources appear to be shared between them. In case the app is performing some intensive tasks (for example, heavy networking), the keyboard may not gain enough computational resources. That might result in various usability issues, such as unstable animation or a little longer response time.